Domaine l’Ecume de Lune

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In the village of Cuges-les-Pins, near Cassis and Bandol, Edouard Giordanengo cultivates his vines with a rare passion. This fifty-year-old always had a love for the land and, especially, for the one that’s been transmitted in his family for six generations. He is even willing to sacrifice much for it as he’s been working two jobs for nearly thirty years in order to live his winemaker dream. 


L’Ecume de Lune offers three rentals for four people, located in the heart of vineyards. Named Oustaou, Notre Dame and Rodes, these former sheds that once served as shelters for winemakers have been renovated and expanded.

Original and unusual

L’Ecume de Lune or ‘Moon’s foam’ ... This name full of poetry puzzles visitors. It comes from a moving vision. One evening, the domain owner Edouard Giordanengo was looking up at the moon when clouds passed before it. The moonlight pierced through them, giving them the appearance of foam. Foam of the moon, the man thought. This formula ran through his head for a long time, to the point that he decided to make it the name of his vineyard.