Domaine de Blanquefort

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Originally from Bordeaux, Benoît Tari is proud of his provencal rosés. His family owns one of the largest estates of Bordeaux. However, he did not hesitate to move to Provence, land of rosés par excellence. It was a conscious choice guided by the desire to discover something else and to share this experience with his customers.


To visit with the master of the house is more than a pleasure: it’s a privilege. Benoit Tari is not only a seasoned professional with an intact passion, but he is also, because of his family background, a privileged witness of the daily life in Bordeaux. Listening to him talk about Giscours and other great wines of his native region is thus a moment of pure pleasure and discovery. Especially since the man is outspoken!

Original and unusual

Chance is sometimes facetious! Benoît Tari left his native Bordeaux to settle down on the lands of Blanquefort. However, this name was not unknown to him since it is also that of a town in the Bordeaux area. Steeped in history, it has long housed one of the most formidable fortresses of Guyenne; It’s another castle story.