Mas de Cadenet

AOP Côtes de Provence | AOP Côtes de Provence dénomination Sainte-Victoire


Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Educational activities/discovery / Tasting / Events / Visit the field/the cellar
Services Area child / Vignobles & Découvertes certified / Catering on the spot


Great wines of Mas de Cadenet in Provence come from a beautiful terroir and a talented winemaker. In Trets, at the foot of the famous Mont Sainte-Victoire, Guy, Maud and Matthieu Negrel watch over one of the most famous domains of the region. A reputation based on good soil, healthy vines grown organically (the oldest ones being over 70 years old), and the family expertise. 


The range of wines from Mas de Cadenet is rich with some original features, like mulled wine of Provence from a knowledge almost forgotten. Its aromas of citrus and dried fruits, its amplitude and smoothness recommend it to dessert time, or more unusual, with foie gras. Another gourmet fantasy is “l’Instant Eternel”: the result of several years of work, this wine perfectly combines the freshness of a delicious rosé and the fine and elegant bubble of a perfect sparkling wine.

Original and unusual

The greatest success of Guy Negrel isn’t the health of his vineyard cultivated according to the precepts of organic agriculture, nor the quality of its wines, but the perpetuation of its operations! Without ever imposing it, Guy has passed on his passion for the land and wine to Maud and Mathieu, his two children. They had started very different careers, in management for one and in international trade for the other. But they didn’t find the thrill that could have justified their exile, so they naturally returned home. “I've never said anything, but I knew it would end like this,” says their father. “Because, in the family, we are imbued with the land of Cadenet and its vineyards. We’ve been owning and caring for it since 1813. Seven successive generations have succeeded at its head. So you can imagine that the roots are deep!”