Les Vignerons de la Cadiérenne
La Cadière-d'Azur

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Type(s) of agriculture High Environmental Value (HVE3)
Activities Educational activities/discovery / Tasting / Events / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Vignobles & Découvertes certified


It’s the perfect place to enjoy true Bandol wines at reasonable prices. In less than ten years, the cooperative of les Vignerons de la Cadierenne has reviewed some of its methods of cultivation and vinification to move towards more quality. This challenge was a success as evidenced by the constant flow of customers in the wine shop– a popularity that speaks for itself!


The great wine shop of Les Vignerons de la Cadierenne offers some gift ideas around their wine such as wine bricks, wooden boxes combining bottle and bowling balls or tasting boxes to discover the most beautiful bottles of the cooperative.

Original and unusual

Change in continuity If the Cadierenne has greatly evolved since its inception in 1929, both in numbers – from 37 members at the beginnings to 400 today - and in quality, the flow chart of this cooperative is the least stable. In more than 90 years, it has had only three presidents: Arthur Jansoulin, Marius Cholan, Louis Grena and Christine De Salvo since 2015 ; and three managing directors: Nazaire, René and Marc Jourdan. The responsibility of the property passes indeed from father to son without any member ever complaining. For the record, note that Nazaire, the grandfather, worked in a sawmill before taking office. This is also because he was not from the trade that he was propelled to the head of the cellar. The winemakers wanted indeed a neophyte to avoid, at the start of their history, the defects, routines, prejudices and ideas of an "old timer".