Lady L – Domaine Le Clos du Pavillon

IGP du Var


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Authenticity and character prevail in this beautifully preserved domain. Domaine Le Clos Pavillion is the haven of Lady L, who became winemaker by passion for her land and vineyards. She naturally care for them with respect and love and produces unique wines in more ways than one.


The domain is exceptional for: its Conservatory of ancient Grapes, Living Memory of the Old Provence; the sustainability of Ancestral and Traditional work; its natural culture, manual and in harmony with the moon; its biotope and biocenosis of high quality; its assembly of different varieties of the conservatory in the bottle. The domain is free of any chemical contamination such as fertilizers, herbicides and treatments, ever since the eighteenth century. The domain offers very different guest rooms, spacious, comfortable and authentically furnished, with exceptional linen and wonderful views. Breakfasts are elegant, generous and tasty with jams, fruits, fresh eggs from the domain and other natural products developed by connoisseurs looking for an authentic taste.

Original and unusual

Behind the bastide, a beautiful pool looks towards the vineyards. Built in the time of Louis XIV, it was originally an ornamental pond before being dedicated to the storage of irrigation water. Today, you can swim in it, in the cool of invigorating spring water.