La Grand’Vigne

AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence


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With a century of family tradition, La Gand’ Vigne offers wines distinguished by their personality. Since the late nineteenth century, this domain located in Brignoles cultivates the family spirit. Led by Roland Mistre, it produces inconspicuous and elegant wines, which are the fruit of true knowledge and passionate love for this family land.


The wine shop was built directly into the cellar next to the barrels and tanks! “People like it because they can see how we work,” says Roland Mistre.

Original and unusual

The Grand'Vigne signs a very elegant and aromatic cuvee from a plot selection, ‘Les Fournerys’. Its name means ‘black kilns’ in Provençal, referring to the large cylindrical stone ovens that were found in the vicinity to make cade oil. They’re a reminder that cade oil, once used for its healing virtues, was produced directly in the fields where grew the famous juniper cade, a typical tree of Provence, which is found in the scrub. The use of these furnaces stopped during the Second World War, replaced by modern distilleries.