Domaine Murennes
La Môle

AOP Côtes de Provence


Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Tasting / Visit the field/the cellar
Services Area child / Holiday cottage


It’s a lost paradise in the heart of the Massif des Maures. Not long ago, Rachel, Ivan Gresle and their son, made the choice of Nature. They left the French Riviera and its crowded resorts to go to the "end of the world": a few hectares of vines clinging to the slopes of the Massif des Maures. Since then, they make good organic wine.

Original and unusual

During World War II, Domaine Murennes was a hotbed of the Var resistance thanks to Marius, who joined the FFI from the age of 17. Until August 15 and the landing of the Allies on the Saint-Tropez coast, the farm offered hospitality to many guerrillas and Jewish clandestine hunted by the Gestapo. Near the cellar of Ivan and Rachel Gresle, a stele and a French flag recall this glorious past.