Domaine les Trois Terres

AOP Côtes de Provence | IGP du Var


Type(s) of agriculture Biodynamic farming / Responsible farming
Activities Tasting / Events / Visit the field/the cellar
Services Vignobles & Découvertes certified


Here, wines of character come from the conjunction of three terroirs. As the saying goes, “Valour does not await the passing of years”, and it’s once again confirmed by Domaine les Trois Terre located in Cabasse. In a few years, Luc Nivière has made a name for themselves in the large family of Provencal wines. 


Luc Nivière guarantees his whites and rosés won’t be cork tainted. And for good reason since they use synthetic corks, which unlike the cork don’t cause wine alteration.

Original and unusual

When, in 2006, it came to naming the domain he had just created, Luke didn’t look very far for inspiration. No, it was enough for Luc to look at those feet to find it. That would be "The Three Lands", like the three colours of their land: deep brown clay, blond, sandy soil, and ochre stones.