Domaine Lafran-Veyrolles
La Cadière-d'Azur

AOP Bandol | IGP du Mont Caume


Activities Tasting / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Vignobles & Découvertes certified


Mourvèdre has made from this very special terroir, shaped by human hands, its land of choice. Led by the Férec Jouve family, Domaine Lafran-Veyrolles – one of the first of the Bandol appellation - signs typical and generous wines, in the purest Bandol tradition.


Claude Jouve-Férec considers developing soon a very special red cuvee, developed mainly with Mourvèdre selected from the best parcels of sandy marl. Powerful and generous, this wine for aging will be reserved for special occasions.

Original and unusual

Upon entering the cave, visitors are immediately stopped by the collection of bottles displayed on an authentic fireplace and bearing the label of the domain. These are very old wines produced by Claude Jouve-Férec’s father, dating back from before 1940. “At the time he had chosen the Burgundian bottles, but in 1941, during the creation of the appellation, the union of Bandol wines opted for Bordeaux bottles and we followed them.”