Domaine l’Olibaou

IGP Méditérranée


Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Educational activities/discovery / Tasting / Events / Cycle path / Visit the field/the cellar
Services Accessible to disabled persons / Guest room / Room rental


Located in Venelles, in the heart of the Aix countryside, this beautiful ochre house is surrounded by vines and olive trees. With less than 9.5 hectares of vineyards, Olibaou is one of the smallest domains of the Aix area. It is also one of the most recent: it was created less than ten years ago. It is nevertheless interesting in many respects: for its wines, olive oil and its guest rooms.


In addition to wine, Domaine l’Olibaou offers guests a taste of two great pleasures: its olive oil and hospitality. Fruit of the marriage of Anglado and Grossane - two varieties of Southern olives - the oil is soft, smooth, without bitterness. As for the hospitality of the area, it is expressed in a guesthouse with three bedrooms (two with mezzanine for up to 4 people), simply and tastefully decorated.

Original and unusual

Dominique Soriano’s granddaughter and Henry Dogliano’s wife share the same first name: Noémie. Both mentors of Domaine l’Olibaou had therefore no problem agreeing on the name of their best cuvee: it bears obviously that first name dear to their hearts.