Domaine Estello

AOP Côtes de Provence


Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Outdoor activities / Tasting / Events / Sale of local products
Services Accessible to disabled persons


Evolution rather than revolution. Such is the intention of the new owners of the Domaine Estello. Philippe Rocchietta took over in 2015 and have welcomed visitors to their ruby-colour painted winery and cellar with enthusiasm ever since.


Belonging to the ‘Lorgues, wine land’ group, the Estello estate is the only organic one out of the twelve of Lorgues’ vineyards. “But we hope to be joined soon!” says Philippe Rocchietta who is working toward this goal. She is convinced of organic framing’s benefits on the planet and the health.

Original and unusual

The Estello Domain uses the most natural weed killer in the world– sheep! A shepherd leads his flock from Lorgues  and in a few days there are no more weeds!