Domaine de Valcolombe

AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence


Type(s) of agriculture Responsible farming
Activities Tasting / Walking path/visit of the garden / Visit the field/the cellar
Services Vignobles & Découvertes certified


My first visit to the Domaine de Valcolombe with my wife Marie Hélène was a stroke of heart! Valcolombe ... An enchanting place, where beauty, harmony and well-being are competing in the shade of great, elegant and charming wines.


Each grape varietal has its own personality, variously expressed in the field, during vinification and in the wine glass. Valcolombe is one of very few estates with eleven different varieties on seven hectare of vineyard, vinifying each one separately. While larger estates simply cannot manage such variety, it enables us to produce nothing but tête de cuvée wines. It also gives us a free hand to develop the great French tradition of wine blending.

Original and unusual

We make our wine in a 250m² tank room equipped with a very modern system. The wines are then stored in 300m² of cellars. The wines are produced from start to finish at Valcolombe, from pressing to bottling. Nothing but premium wines: no plastic jerry cans, no bag-in-box and no bulk sales. We vinify by gravity flow in 16 stainless steel tanks, from three to seventy hectolitres, with a temperature control system in their double walls. Each variety is vinified in its own way, separately. We practice natural fermentation, with total temperature control to preserve the characteristic fruit, flower and spice aromas of our grape varieties. Valcolombe is one of the few estates that bottle its wines on-site. We buy our maturing barrels from the Seguin Moreau cooperage in Cognac, often called the Rolls Royce of cooperages; we prefer mature oak from Tronçais forest and Missouri.