Domaine de Merlançon

AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence


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This modest but pleasant domain cultivates the friendly spirit of wine. Others would have fully enjoyed their retirement in the tranquillity of the Brignoles countryside, protected by the secular walls of a large and beautiful farm; but not Dominique and Denis Noël! Motivated by the desire to succeed, they have given up idleness to restore the prestige of the family property. 


To develop her wine range, she recently planted her first white grape varieties. Rolle of course, but also White grenache, a more rare variety known for being difficult. Rendezvous is taken for a first vintage in 2016. 

Original and unusual

Paul Jacques, apothecary of Brignoles, acquired the farm of Merlançon in 1499. That's what we call a "family estate"! Since then, (with the exception of the turbulent times of the French Revolution), the land has passed from one generation to another until Dominique Noël.