Domaine de la Rose Tremière

AOP Côtes de Provence | IGP du Var


Type(s) of agriculture Responsible farming
Activities Tasting


On the outskirt of Lorgues, on the road to Carcès and its lake, this family estate grows grapes and offers visitors a warm welcome. It probably took a lot of courage to Pierre and Raphaëlle Maunier to emancipate from the cooperative world and produce their wines. It was almost thirty years ago. Since then, the couple has gone on its merry way and succeeded its bet. 


The location of the Rose Tremière’s sale cellar makes life easier for its regulars since it’s on the edge of the Carcès road, just outside of Lorgues. The stop is thus just as warm as convenient for one visiting the Middle Var country.

Original and unusual

When she landed on the lands of the Maunier family just after her marriage, Raphaëlle fell in love with hollyhocks, many specimens of which bloomed on the property. Despite its name, this perennial plant doesn’t belong to the Rosaceae family. Don’t look for thorns, as it doesn’t have any! This rose that is not a rose is native from the East or the Far East. Crusaders brought it in the West in the sixteenth century and wrongly named it Rose Outremer (later distorted as Trémière). Since then, one that is also called Passerose and papal Rose has conquered all European gardens, from Scandinavia to southern France.