Domaine de La Garnaude

AOP Côtes de Provence | AOP Côtes de Provence dénomination Notre Dame des Anges | IGP des Maures


Type(s) of agriculture High Environmental Value (HVE3)
Activities Tasting / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Accessible to disabled persons / Area child


It is a quiet domain in quest of Naturalness. This vineyard is home to a new family with three children who has one goal: to take care of "this fabulous terroir" in a perpetual search for quality improvement. It is a successful conversion for Fanny and Anthony who are learning with passion the winemaker profession in respect for traditional practices.


From its pruning to its harvest, our vines are treated in an unique and authentic terroir. Attached to traditional gestures, we are particularly attentive to the nature of all the elements that surround us and we take those elements into account in our wine-making.

Original and unusual

Each year in April, Gonfaron celebrates its famous flying donkey. It’s a popular festival linked to a funny legend. A few centuries ago, the village used to hold a large annual procession to the chapel dedicated to saint Quinis, its patron saint. The day before the event, all the inhabitants would clean the streets taken by the procession. But in 1645, one of them balked at that chore. “If Saint Quinis finds the way too dirty, he will only have to jump over it!” He swore. But some time later, the man returning home on his donkey experienced a strange mishap. Annoyed by the horseflies his animal galloped up out of the way and fell into a ravine, throwing its rider to the ground. Learning this fall, all the villagers remembered the arrogant attitude of the victim and shouted, laughing: "Well done, Saint Quinis has punished him, his donkey flew."