Domaine de Garbelle

AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence


Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Events / Walking path/visit of the garden / Sale of local products / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Guest room


This domain transmitted from generation to generation perpetuates the taste of good things, wine expertise and a certain lifestyle. North of Garéoult, at the end of a small road, Domain de Garbelle cultivates its difference, made of authenticity and quality. It’s an address that is shared with discretion, as between insiders.


In addition to two guestrooms in the domain and a room for up to a hundred people, Domaine de Garbelle has also an open house day for its customers in May, with lamb barbecue and wine tasting. In October, it is the friendly Mediterranean plants fair, in which a dozen of local nurseries present plants particularly suited to Provencal gardens. Finally, the domain offers a grape juice 100% organic and natural.

Original and unusual

The old press that sits next to the cellar has a history. First owned by a cooperative winery, it was bought by a private individual for his wine making. It had likely been disassembled and reassembled in the cellar of this old winemaker, so Jean-Charles Gambini had to segment it with a torch to get it out of the building, before reassembling it at the domain.