Domaine Cap Saint Pierre

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At the entrance to Saint-Tropez, a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by luxury hotels, the cellar of Clos Saint-Pierre is well worth a visit. Alain and Michel Donadio, who are from an old family of winemakers, produce interesting wines here, original and voluptuous. It’s a production full of promise when you think that until 2011 the two brothers were still bringing their grapes to the village cooperative.


Want to cool down? Before tasting rosé Clos Saint-Pierre, take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. The first sandy beach is not even 100 meters from the cellar of the Donadio brothers. 

Original and unusual

The former family home of the Donadio stands besides the vineyards of Clos Saint-Pierre and dates back to 1780. However, it isn’t so much its age that makes its unusual: it was the famous house bought on “life lease” in the film “Le Viager” (Life Lease) by Pierre Tchernia in the early 70s. It had a major role alongside a Michel Serrault. The building was sold in 2010, but not on life lease!