Château Rosan

AOP Côtes de Provence


Activities Tasting / Museum/cultural activities / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
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Driven by a passion for the land, the Chauvet family returned to their farming roots by creating their winery. In Pignans, Gérard Chauvet and his two children, Olivier and Candice, took over operation of the family vineyards to produce their own wines. A late vocation: the two men of the trio were both engineers before becoming winemakers.


The Chauvet family has set the bar high for their vintage, but not in price! Hence the excellent value for money offered by the estate's wines.

Original and unusual

The winery and the cellar of Château Rosan occupy the site of a former plasterer, as testified by the two limekilns as well as an underground gypsum mine, which is accessed by a narrow tunnel and a steep staircase under renovation. Tens of meters underground, the old well forms a vast cavity that the Chauvet would like to turn into wine cellars.