Château des Sarrins

AOP Côtes de Provence | IGP du Var


Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Tasting / Sale of local products / Visit the field/the cellar


This discrete domain produces intensely sophisticated wines. When one of the most demanding men in Champagne decides to make wines in Provence, this inevitably gives quality wines. Especially when, as Bruno Paillard, he got hold of a remarkable terroir.


Although not unusual, the presence of Mourvèdre in the Var hinterland is not common. Provençal winemakers indeed use to say that this variety “must see the Mediterranean Sea to mature”, probably because this induces a sea view facing south and therefore sunny. Yet it is a fact that late grape needs heat until the first days of autumn to come to full maturity.

Original and unusual

Sarrins comes from the contraction of the word “Saracens”, which is one of the many names that Europeans gave to the Muslim peoples in the Middle Ages. They regularly crossed  the Mediterranean Sea to plunder coastal regions. In the 11th century, their raids even brought them to the Var hinterland. Thus, one of their chief was killed near Saint-Antonin du Var in a battle with the natives. According to local legend, he was buried on the spot, wearing golden armour. The armour has never surfaced, but the place has kept the names of the invaders: the “Domaine Saracens” became over time “Domaine des Sarrins”.