Château de Bellet

AOP Bellet


Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Charged tasting / Walking path/visit of the garden / Visit the field/the cellar


The Château de Bellet is located in the hills above the town of Nice, in the heart of the vineyard that bears its name. The vineyard has existed since the origins of the property and vine has always been cultivated on the domain, as well as the olive tree.


The appellation’s steep slopes have produced a vineyard planted in the form of terraces dubbed ‘restanques’. These narrow rows have been built, as have their pudding stone walls (poudingue), in compact sand-lime cement, containing Pliocene smooth pebbles, originating from the top of the Alps. Only a couple of vineyard rows are planted on each terrace. As it is difficult to gain access to this location, the vines are tended to by hand.

Original and unusual

It’s a postcard landscape. Really! Setting the Stage ... First, the ultimate mound, as if the hill still wanted to grow up to go flirt with the sky. It is covered by green forest lighten by a square of vines. At its top stands a neo-Gothic chapel, slender, tense, like an arrow drawn to the sky. An ancestor of the owners, grieving widower of a beloved who died too young, built it in 1873. Its white stones come from the quarries of La Turbie, a village perched in the hills above Monaco. Moreover, at the time, the same stones were used to build the Monaco Cathedral.