Château d’Ollières

AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence


Activities Tasting / Visit the field/the cellar


A beautiful place, as wonderful as its wines. The Rouy family, who’ve decided to convert it into a large vineyard, has restored the splendour of this thousand-year old castle. This family knows about wine, and good wine for that matter, since they are from Burgundy!


The Château d’Ollières is suitable for parties from 10 to 200 people. They are held in small rooms in the vaulted cellar dating back from the Middle Ages, in the Grand Ballroom or in the gardens at the height of summer.

Original and unusual

Charles Rouy began studying philosophy in graduate school — a vocation that he pursued for several years until he discovered another one: viticulture. When his father asked him to take over a vineyard, the young man changed his tune to accompany his father's adventure. Goodbye Kant! He passed his diploma in oenology and viniculture in Beaune, one of the strongholds of the winemaker world. As they say, “in vino veritas”!