Bastide des Deux Lunes

AOP Côtes de Provence


Type(s) of agriculture Responsible farming
Activities Charged tasting / Events


In Puget-Ville, Bertrand Dubois has led his family domain on a new path: in 2012, he made the leap between vine and wine. However, it wasn’t a leap into the unknown, for he knows how to work grapes to best express the terroir personality. Indeed, in addition to his farming activities, he’s been working for fourteen years now as an oenologist.”


There are two more reasons to visit the beautiful wine shop of the Bastide des Deux Lunes. One is the work of Berengaria Ciavaldini, Bertrand’s companion. Under the brand Bobo Hobo, she produces textiles and jewellery creations of "kitsch and vintage inspiration", as she likes to define them. The second is a ride on the Grand Vallat, the river running through the domain in the shade of large oak trees. It’s a moment of peace and freshness.

Original and unusual

In his wine shop, Bertrand Dubois keeps a paper that is more than a century old. It is the official document attesting to the bronze medal awarded by the Farmers' Society of France to Philemon Richard, for his domain’s reconstitution after the phylloxera hit it. This aphid devastated the entire French vineyard in the second half of the nineteenth century. French winemakers owe their salvation to rootstocks from American plants that had developed a natural defence to this insect.