Association des Vignerons de la Sainte-Victoire

AOP Côtes de Provence dénomination Sainte-Victoire


Activities Tasting / Museum/cultural activities / Sale of local products / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Accessible to disabled persons / Area child / Vignobles & Découvertes certified / Pic nic basket / Catering on the spot


L’Association des Vignerons de la Sainte-Victoire is now located in the “Maison Sainte-Victoire” in Saint-Antonin-sur-Bayon at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain. The vinothèque exhibits the wines of its members, welcomes visitors in a prestigious brand new cellar in order to inform about the appellation, the cellars and estates and to offer visitors each week a selection of 6 wines for tasting . This allows them to better know and appreciate the wines reds, rosés Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire and whites Côtes de Provence.


In addition to a vintage presentation at the “Palais du Pharo” in Marseille or in the vineyard at the end of spring, the Vinothèque Maison Sainte-Victoire organizes an unforgettable rally la Sainte-Victoire » once a year, in October. With family or friends, participants spend a pleasant day discovering the secrets of Sainte Victoire vineyards. Following a circuit that takes them to the cellars and estates, with lunch included, the competitors participate in various initiation workshops and answer puzzles, before all coming all together for an awards ceremony and a cocktail dinner.

Original and unusual

In the “Maison Sainte-Victoire” visitors will be able to meet the agents of the Departmental Council of Bouches du Rhône, which manages the premises, who will inform them about the routes of walks and hikes. A museum space dedicated to temporary exhibitions is open to the public and allows an active discovery of our heritage. During this visit it will be possible to taste the menus made from local products by the famous Restaurant Maison Sainte-Victoire.