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Triennes is an unusual domain with unclassifiable wines. When the Burgundian talent is exported in Provence, the result is amazing. Ownership of two major Burgundy professionals, the domain of Triennes produces beautifully crafted vins de pays, from alien grapes perfectly acclimated to the Provencal terroir.


Protected from the sea winds by the Sainte-Baume Massif and Mount Aurélien, the domain benefits in the summer from hot days and especially cool nights. The grapes ripen slowly to give wines with good acidity and great complexity.

Original and unusual

Its new owners baptized the domain ‘Triennes’. They were inspired by the ‘triennia’, these bacchanalia that were taking place every three years under the Roman Empire. The term was even more unanimously adopted that its prefix "tri" reminds of the "trio" who owns the vineyard.