La Bastide Blanche
Sainte Anne du Castellet

AOP Bandol


Type(s) of agriculture Biodynamic farming / Organic Farming
Activities Educational activities/discovery / Tasting / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Accessible to disabled persons / Area child / Vignobles & Découvertes certified


This domain on the heights of Le Castellet favours the singularity of its terroir. Created forty years ago by the Bronzo family, Bastide Blanche produces some elegant, complex wines, in all colours. They’re typical of the Bandol appellation and if they can be appreciated in their youth, they give their best in the fullness of age.


The tasting room of Bastide Blanche offers a beautiful array of Bandol in the three colours. There are indeed all the property’s vintages: Bastide, of course, but also Fontaneou, selected plots intended __for very long ageing, and Estagnol, a wine made from harvest of over-ripen grapes. On top of this range are the bottles from two castles run by Michel Bronzo and his team: Castillon and Baumelles. And all these wines show a very different character.

Original and unusual

La Bastide Blanche is a piece of the ancient and vast domain of the lords of Castillon, the local potentates. But it turns out that Michael Bronzo, the current owner of the Bastide, acquired a few years ago Château de Castillon, a wine estate founded by the heirs of the old lords’ land.