Château Trémouries

AOP Côtes de Provence


Activities Tasting / Sale of local products / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Accessible to disabled persons / Holiday cottage


A domain which dates back very far in time: it’s been occupied by the Saracens and inhabited by the Knights Templar. It has a long tradition of viticulture and olive cultivation, and today it combines the requirement of modern techniques to respect for cultivation and vinification traditions.


Carefully selected local products are offered for sale. Don’t miss the domain’s unfiltered olive oil AOC "Provence". Note the remarkable collection of balsamic vinegars and articles declined around the theme of flowers such as lavender, rose and violet. Pasta with flowers, floral water for cooking, honey, sugar, confits, etc.

Original and unusual

The Castle takes its name from the time when silkworms were bred. They were fed mulberry leaves; hence the name “Château des trois Muriers”(Castle of three mulberry trees), which in Provençal is said: "Casteou di Trémouriès."