Château Clarettes
Les Arcs

AOP Côtes de Provence


Activities Tasting / Charged tasting / Sale of local products / Visit the field/the cellar by appointment
Services Accessible to disabled persons


Château Clarettes is a long-standing anchor on the Arcs-sur-Argens terroir and has reborn from its ashes like Phoenix in recent years. It’s undergoing a complete renovation — with even more improvements to come — made possible by the will of wine enthusiasts from Scandinavia, who took over this vineyard in 2013. Their goal is to put it back on a path to the beautiful summits of the Côtes de Provence appellation.


The estate’s pedagogical approach makes it unique. Indeed, if the cellar is devoted to wine tasting, it is also a place to learn. Its walls are covered with precious information (in French and English, for its international clientele) on raw material, from vine to wine, with a very visual mini-exhibition on the different soil that welcome the grape varieties.

Original and unusual

No more weed-killer: in recent years, Château Clarettes is back to the sources of natural agriculture. Faithful to its philosophy that is resolutely turned towards sustainable development, the estate uses the services of "garden sheep": animals work in late winter to clean the plots and, at the same time, produce natural organic amendment.