Type(s) of agriculture Organic Farming
Activities Tasting


Classified for part in Cassis, for the other one in Côte de Provence, it’s one of the great revelations in recent years. The blood of Emile Bodin - one of the most famous winemakers of Cassis - runs in the veins of Sophie Simonini Cerciello. Talent must be written in the DNA! Indeed, the owner of Chateau Barbanau, who took over the vineyard from her grandfather in 1989, produces some of the best wines of the region in collaboration with her oenologist husband.


Each year in early December, Sophie and Didier Simonini organize "a Walk in Barbanau", a day exploring the vineyards around an original theme combining wine and gastronomy.

Original and unusual

Château Barbanau is one of the first producers of Cassis to cultivate its land in organic farming (its wines are officially certified "organic" since 2008)— a demanding practice, particularly in the work of vines. So turning the soil in winter and ploughing back in the spring are two methods that, among others, avoid the proliferation of weeds, are practiced from time to time in the "old way" with a plough pulled by a donkey! His name is Kalahari, like the vintage of Cassis. Sophie, who is passionate about Africa and also a true environmentalist, has named them both. A choice that imposed itself: Desert of Botswana, the Kalahari is indeed one of the last virgin ecosystems still protected in Africa.