Cellier Lou Bassaquet

AOP Côtes de Provence dénomination Sainte-Victoire | IGP Méditérranée


Type(s) of agriculture Responsible farming
Activities Tasting / Walking path/visit of the garden / Sale of local products


Located in Trets, Le Cellier Lou Bassaquet perpetuates the spirit of traditional winemaking while acquiring advanced equipment. Great care of the vineyard and wine maturation allows this dynamic cooperative winery to offer impeccable bottles.


The routes of the winemaker trail (13 and 9 kilometres) allow not only the discovery of the vineyards but also, through the hills around Trets, to have a view of the main buildings of the village.

Original and unusual

Le Cellier Lou Bassaquet is converting to green energy: nearly 80% of the building roofs are equipped with solar panels that can provide a significant amount of electricity. No less than three transformers will channel all the current generated!