Les Vignerons de Saint Romain
La Motte

AOP Côtes de Provence


Activities Tasting / Sale of local products


It’s the biggest cooperative winery in Eastern Var! By pooling around it five other cooperatives in its region, the Cave de Saint-Romain has provided itself the means to maintain the scope and quality of its vineyards, modernize its cellar, and therefore produce different vintages that are the gourmand images of its "plural" terroir.


In addition to the wines, the store of La Motte, located within the winery, sells two products manufactured by the cellar: tapenade and crémeux. In addition to the house wines, the other three stores in offer a wide selection of local craft and food products from the expertise of craftsmen and small businesses in the region.

Original and unusual

It's fine to multiply wines, but then they need a name. The winemakers of La Motte have found the solution: they draw them from the surrounding sites and villages. The vintage of La Tour de l’Horloge (the Clock Tower) echoes one of the oldest buildings in La Motte. Le Mitan evokes a district of the same commune. The Cuvée Charles V recalls that during its conquest of Provence the famous Emperor went through Le Muy in 1524; this stay was quite hectic: some people tried to assassinate the Austro-Spanish monarch.