Les Treilles d’Antonin

AOP Côtes de Provence


Activities Tasting / Sale of local products


The smallest wine cooperative in Var shows a growing talent. Between Lorgues and Entrecasteaux, Saint-Antonin du Var is a tiny village of barely 600 souls. Yet it is home to some of the most attractive East Var vineyards, one of them being Les Treilles d’Antonin, a small but vibrant cooperative located in the heart of the municipality for the last 90 years.


“All of us combined only operate 50 hectares. This allows us to take great care of our vines and especially to know them by heart. For each parcel, we can determine almost instinctively the optimal time to harvest.” Indeed it gets excellent results.

Original and unusual

Founded in 1923, Les Treilles d’Antonin produced up to 18,000 hectolitres of wine per year. It is far from the actual annual production of barely 2,500 hectolitres.