Domaine Sorin

AOP Bandol | AOP Côtes de Provence


Type(s) of agriculture Responsible farming
Activities Tasting / Sale of local products / Visit the field/the cellar


Six centuries of a family tradition and the desire for reinvention, Luc Sorin has dedicated his life to wines: first to those of burgundy, and now to those of Bandol. This singular path makes him a unique winemaker, both passionate and fascinating.


Luc Sorin may take you to his cellar to show you a world exclusive: his rotating oak casks, 7,600 litres each, manufactured by Seguin Moreau, one of the greats of French cooperage. There are only four copies in the world; they are all here! Luc Sorin is convinced that this unusual quartet is part of his success, allowing him to best express the qualities of his soil

Original and unusual

On the outer and inner walls of the tasting room, Luc Sorin has hung large rectangles of carved cast iron. Those are fire backs, also called contrecœurs or taques. They were placed in the back of the fireplace to protect the masonry, and more, to enjoy their heat properties. They store heat and gradually restore it when the fire is out.