Domaine des Rouges

AOP Côtes de Provence | IGP des Maures


Type(s) of agriculture Responsible farming
Activities Tasting


Evelyne and Patrice started from scratch ¬—or almost; however, they were able to put their new domain on the right track. They gladly tell their story by the fireplace or in the shade of mulberry trees in their small terrace. This moment of sharing is sealed with a glass of house red or rosé. Wine is indeed convivial!


These wines can be discovered every Sunday morning at the Vidauban market – “We’re regular there”.

Original and unusual

The property of the Lemée couple is really called Domaine des Rouges, domain of the reds. But they’ve recently been displaying the ‘Domaine des Terres Rouges’ name on their labels; it’s to avoid confusion around a production mainly devoted to rosé.