Domaine de Sauvebonne

IGP des Maures


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Located in the Sauvebonne Valley and bathed by the river Réal Martin, despite many estates this ancient domain has managed to remain partly owned by the same family since the 15th century (De Gardanne family). In fertile soils, from one of the few domains in Var that don’t belong to an AOC, the different wines bear the three letters that could change the course of things: VDP _ Pays De Vins. André Dupuy, the son who works the land, chose to play this difference by creating atypical wines. 


The domain Sauvebonne is one of the few wineries to grow Alicante. Henri Bouschet created this crossbreed between Grenache and small Bouschet in 1855. Its full name is also "Alicante Bouschet". This grape varietal with red juice gives a very colourful wine, bright red, pretty powerful and distinctive. It is used to bring colour to table wines that need some, but it is not part of any AOC wines. It is still found in Languedoc, Corsica, North Africa, California but it is becoming increasingly rare.

Original and unusual

The wines of Domaine de Sauvebonne are classified Vins de Pays des Maures, with the exception of Alicante in table wine.