One step shy of renaming it, Christine and Vincent Demonceaux haven’t stopped redesigning, restructuring and reorganizing Château Rêva since they took it over. It is now among the best of the Côtes de Provence appellation, thanks to the wines’ gustative qualities and their hard work that goes into it.


The accommodations, which rent per hour, night or weekly, is one of the strengths of this domain that allows you to always be surrounded by vines, wherever you stay. A "village square" with a fountain and courtyard was built to host events of a hundred guests, as well as a house with five bedrooms, to the delight of welcomed guests.

Original and unusual

The domain’s V vintage, a white with a distinct taste, is made exclusively from Viognier, an old grape variety originally grown in the Rhone Valley. Used for the production of varietal wines, it gives a wine of excellent quality, very fragrant and rich in flavours too numerous to list but which make its success worldwide.