The “Vigne à Vélo” cycling route

The "Vigne à Vélo" cycling route

Vigne à vélocycling route is a 15 km track which aims to be the urban armature of the cycle network in Dracénie.

This route will serve towns and villages, vineyards and wineries, tourist sites and recreation in Dracenie (leisure base of Vidauban, point of view of Taradel à Taradeau).

Ultimately, “vigne à vélo” cycling route (40 km to come) will link the communes of Vidauban, Taradeau, Les Arcs-sur-Argens, La Motte, Le Muy, Trans-en-Provence, Draguignan and Châteaudouble.

Following the track, you will come across a rich historic heritage ranging from Les Arcs medieval town to Ste Roseline chapel (listed as a historic monument); you can also choose to leave the main trail and visit some famous wine estates.

Draguignan –> Trans en Provence 3,5 km
Trans en Provence –> Sainte Roseline 5,5 km
Sainte Roseline –> Les Arcs sur Argens 4,5 km

Total : 13,5 km